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Guiding the family through life’s stages

Are you responsible for the nutritional care of loved ones? Whether you’re a parent-to-be, parent or caregiver to a senior or a medically disabled person who needs your assistance, you may be dealing with special and unfamiliar needs.

Do you know the easiest way to deal with a problem child eater, the nutrients that are most often lacking in the diets of expectant mothers, the reasons many older people are chronically under-nourished? When should you become concerned if a teen or preteen is losing or gaining a lot of weight? Nutritional information and helpful ideas can help you and your family move with more ease through the major transitions of life.

You Can Still Be Happy at Mealtime

When your doctor instructs you to follow a certain kind of medical diet – reduced sodium, calorie-restricted or low saturated fat, etc. – the only information you may get is a piece of paper with general guidelines.

However, it’s possible to follow your medical diet, feed your family, enjoy an active social life and not feel that you are suffering through every meal. Personalized strategies and food choices can help you live happier as well as longer.